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Bespoke Made to Measure Curtains

At Denton Drapes we are proud to produce the highest quality couture curtains with incredible care and attention to detail. We are industry-renowned for our pleating-to-pattern work: clients working with a particularly complicated patterned fabric know that Penny’s skill when it comes to working with pattern is second-to-none.

We offer bespoke curtains made in many different styles from French pleat, double and single pleat, goblet and wave for example.

As well as making your couture curtains we can also craft all complimentary items from tiebacks to trims, valance/pelmets and room accessories. 

How We Make Interlined Curtains

At Denton Drapes we use the best quality linings that money can buy. These linings have a higher thread count per square inch giving a denser cloth that reduces light penetration and its damaging effects, our linings also have a Teflon coating which provides protection against moisture.

We use 100% cotton interlinings usually heavy or medium weight, which give our curtains body, enhancing their draping qualities while adding thermal properties to improve insulation. These interlinings are perfect to use with high quality fabrics such as silks as they add protection from the harmful effects of strong sunlight to more delicate fabrics.

Sometimes a blackout lining will be required: in this case we use a three-pass 100% cotton blackout lining, which has light exclusion and thermal properties.

Our curtains are skillfully sewn together by hand with an interlocking stitch to keep all the layers of fabrics, interlinings and linings together. The end result is beautiful bespoke curtain with body and shape; it will have voluptuous rounded columns of fabric that hang smoothly. There is no visible stitching on our finished curtains and we specialise in pattern-placement and pleating-to-pattern, which means taking into consideration the pattern on the fabric and where aesthetically it will best sit within the finished curtain.

Our curtains will provide heat and sound insulation. We also take into account the proportion of the pleat to the length of the curtains and those are also finished with hand stitching to keep their shape for many years to come. We offer the added luxury of hand sewn brass curtain hooks for the ultimate in luxury and quality.

All of our curtain hems and side turnings are sewn by hand and the seams where we join the widths of fabric together will always be hidden into the folds if the pattern allows. We add curtain weights to all seams and outside edges of our curtains to ensure they hang perfectly. Finally, all of our curtain linings are sewn by hand to the side edges of the curtain, thus leaving you with an exquisitely crafted bespoke window treatment of the finest quality.

All of our curtains are hung in the studio prior to delivery/installation so we can train the folds of the fabric to hold their shape with fabric bands. We leave them like this for several days so that your curtains are perfect once hung in your home.

Our curtain making process often takes several days due to the skill, attention to detail and care taken to create a couture finish.